Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Q1: Will the chocolate melt?

    Yes. Unless transported and stored in temperatures below 20°C. Temperatures between 20°C to 24°C will soften the chocolate but generally if exposed for less than 3 hours is still acceptable.
  • Q2: Why do you call your chocolate bars origin bars?

    We make each chocolate bar from cacao beans that are grown from a single origin, without blending, to celebrate the unique character of each. Transparency in our sourcing allows chocolate lovers to identify and appreciate the different flavors coming from different growing regions in Malaysia.
  • Q3: Are cocoa beans for direct consumption available?

    Yes, we have lightly roasted cocoa beans that can be enjoyed the same way you might enjoy peanuts.
  • Q4: Do you sell ingredients to make hot chocolates?

    Yes, we do. Currently these chocolate ‘shards’ are available to whole sale but we can pack them for retail upon request.
  • Q5: Why is your locally made chocolate so expensive?

    When compared within the single origin chocolate category, we are priced cheaper then or at the market for each category, be it hand-made bon bons, chocolate brittles and single origin chocolate bars. Because when a comparison is made, single origin chocolate is not compared to blended origin or unspecified origin, also artisanal is not compared to mass produced.
  • Q6: Are there chocolates for vegan?

    Our dark chocolate bars and brittles are vegan. Please clarify with your counter staff for any dietary clarifications. We also have coconut ‘milk’ bars which does not contain dairy.
  • Q7: What does the % mean on a chocolate label?

    The 70% in a dark chocolate label corresponds to the total cocoa content, this can generally be cocoa nibs, mass, cocoa butter, or cocoa powder. However, in our case it is only cocoa nibs and possibly butter. The rest of the % in a dark chocolate oftentimes is cane sugar.
  • Q8: What is maltitol?

    Maltitol is found naturally in some fruits and vegetables. We use it in our sugar-free products to replace table sugar because it does not promote tooth decay, and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose.
  • Q9: Does your chocolate contain soy?

    No. But we operate in a facility where soy may be present from the mills that produce some of our other ingredients.
  • Q10: What’s the % of cocoa in each of the Bon Bon and brittles?

    Most of our cocoa % if not stated is 60% for dark.
  • Q11: How long can the chocolate last?

    Chocolate with a soft filling typically lasts 3 months from manufacturing. Solid chocolate brittles and bars have a shelf life of 18 months.
  • Q12: How should I transport the chocolate?

    Think of how you would handle ice cream, and chocolate is less sensitive. You can carry it with you for a day in an air-conditioned environment, but avoid leaving it in the car when the engine is turned off.
  • Q13: What if I’m flying?

    If you are flying out of KL between 9am and 8pm, we encourage you to hand-carry the chocolates. Otherwise checking it in should be ok provided that your destination is not hotter than 24C.
  • Q14: How should I store my chocolate?

    The first option would be a storage of 16-18C (like a wine cellar). Second option would be to store it in an air tight bag or container and place it in the fridge at around 4C. If stored in the fridge, before consuming, take the package out and allow it to normalize with the room temperature (about 10 minutes) before taking it out of the air-tight seal, this will prevent condensation taking place on the surface of the chocolate, which causes it to form a powdery surface called 'bloom'.
  • Q15: Can I order customised chocolates?

    Yes! Send us your thoughts of what you would like and we will produce it. You can also start a discovery process where we guide you on what are the possibilities. We promise low minimum quantities and no extra cost to customisation compared to retail pricing.
  • Q16: Are your chocolates Halal?

    Our kitchen is strictly vegetarian. Ingredients are halal and we do not use any alcohol in your recipes.
  • Q17: Allergen concerns.

    Our kitchen is strictly vegetarian. Some chocolates are vegan and or gluten-free. However, kindly take note that the production facility has flour, dairy, nuts, peanuts, sesame, and other potential allergens present.

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