Malaysia Single Origin - Hulu Gali 70 %

Hulu Gali is an origin that consistently surprises us with taste profiles from batch to batch that are not found else where. Located near Sungai Ruan, this estate edges a steep limestone formation. The presence of limestone in the soil buffers and increases the soil pH, resulting in deeper, earthier tones of chocolate. The cocoa pods here are protected against pests by black ants that are bred specifically as a bio-control so there is no need for the use of pesticides. 

Initial tasting of this origin indicates dark cherries, and toasted almonds in a lingering finish.

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

Contains cocoa, cane sugar, and cocoa butter.

18 months shelf life from manufacturing. 
Plastic-free packaging.
Perceived sweetness 2/5.
Weight: 50g

Collections: Bars

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