Under a Starlit Sky: A Special Collection

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this festive season with our Special Collection Gift Set. Inspired by true tales of friendship and the magic of starry nights, these "everyday" luxurious Bon Bons invite you to create magical shared moments.

Wild Cherry & Marzipan features a cube of preserved cherry and a delicate layer of almond marzipan, presenting a depth of aromas that end with a hint of almond bitters.

Orange Marmalade 🍊 the bitterness of the orange peel is balanced by the chocolate, creating a vibrant combination

Coffee ☕️ & Cream Cheese enjoy the combination of bold espresso lungo layered with a cream cheese filling.

Maple 🍁 Pecan is made with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup and chopped pecans. 

Vanilla Custard 🍮 is a classic combination of pleasing vanilla notes in a velvety custard filling.

Cranberry Jelly with Dark Chocolate Ganache 🍫 tangy cranberry jelly and dark chocolate is a combination that is bursting with flavors.

Chestnut Mont Blanc 🌰 features a thick filling of roasted autumn chestnut and milk chocolate.

Strawberry 🍓Rose is one of our favorite recipes, featuring pleasing strawberry notes enhanced by the scent of fresh red roses.

Apple Cinnamon 🍎 is inspired by our party-happy baked apple cinnamon strudels.

Milk Chocolate is a classic comfort chocolate that features Malaysian cacao in a dairy profile.

Gingerbread 🍪 spices and cocoa come together in a bite-sized piece that offers comfort in every bite.

Earl Grey tea infused chocolate filling with lively notes of bergamot is sure to please.

Store these hand-crafted pieces in the fridge or in an air-conditioned space below 24°C.
Best consumed within two months from the date of delivery.

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