Chocolate Mooncake Collection by Chocolate Concierge x Mei

We have curated this collection with the intention of sharing a moment with our loved ones, and creating a moment to be treasured. The aesthetics is purposefully uncluttered, even plain, creating breathing space for one another.

Comes in ten pieces of various flavors:

Yuzu: A tart yet refreshing piece. Contains yuzu purée, lemon juice, sugar, dairy milk, and butter. Perceived sweetness 4/5

Black Sesame: Savory and textured. Contains , black sesame, white sesame, feuilletine, sugar, honey, maltitol, dairy milk, salt, dark couverture chocolate 60%, sunflower oil. Perceived sweetness 3/5

Red Bean & Matcha: Made with a shell that is matcha chocolate. Contains Japanese red bean paste, matcha powder, sugar, dairy cream, butter. Perceived sweetness 3/5

Single Origin Chocolate: Cocoa of Excellence World-50-Best awarded origin chocolate from Kota Marudu, Sabah, with a yolk that is sweet potato. Contains dark chocolate couverture 60%, sweet potato, sea salt, dairy whipped cream, butter. Perceived sweetness 2/5

Each mooncake is meticulously handcrafted and made fresh, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste. We sincerely hope you find joy in each bite!

The gluten free option is exactly like the regular set, except for the black sesame piece, which is made without feuilletine to be gluten-free.

*Please note that the gluten-free version will require an additional 4 working days from date of ordering.

 **Both cover designs are interchangeable. Should you like to receive your mooncakes in specific design, do let us know in the "Notes" section during checkout. 

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